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Something a little different from usual style of Real Estate Video Shooting. I’ve put a full description of shooting and editing detail below the video.

The Idea

I wanted to stretch my usual style of real estate video shooting and shoot in a more architectural format for want of a better description. I had seen this unusual looking property and found out the Architects were actually based here in my local small town. They are a husband and wife team that own a firm called Assembly Architects I approached them and asked if I could make a video on their design.

Camera Equipment

Shot in 4K in Pal 25fps
Panasonic GH5 – Shot in the Natural Picture Profile with contrast, saturation and sharpness dialed back.
Panasonic 8-18, 12-60, 35-100 and Olympus 25mm prime lenses used.
Sennheiser G3 radio mic

Post Production

Edited in FCPX in 4K
Colour corrected and then the Cineplus KinoLUT added
I also added a 2.3:1 letter box effect onto of the video
I used the “Voice Over Enhancement” plugin within FCPX for the first time and quite like it. I normally just use the Compressor plugin but again wanted to try something different.

Lessons Learn’t

It was good to brush up on my video interviewing technique and I had a pre-prepared list of questions for Justin for the shoot. I also wanted to try shooting without using any moving shots which is completely the opposite of how I normally shoot my real estate videos.

Another valuable lesson which I quickly “re-learnt” is that videos shot with a interview or narration are B-Roll hungry monsters! You can never shoot enough B-roll for this style of video to overlay when editing.