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Below is a list of my current camera gear that I’m currently using either for my general photography & video journey or for my current day job shooting real estate photos and videos.

Please note this list includes my affiliate links.  Any questions, let me know.

Main Video & Photo Camera

Panasonic GH6 which I mainly upgraded from my GH5 for its video capabilities.

Ultra Wide Lens

My goto ultra wide lens for the GH6 and most used when shooting real estate video and photo interiors.

Standard Zoom Lens

Great general purpose video lens covering 24 to 120mm in 35mm terms. A great one lens choice for vlogging.

Telephoto Lens

Least used lens but a nice bit of glass when extra reach is needed.

Faster General Zoom

I’ve doubled up with focal lengths here but bought this for its constant f2.8 aperture.  A great lens for video interviews and photo usage.

Top Mic

Great little camera top mic, I especially like it for its wind noise filtering abilities.

Camera Backpack

This is the newer versoin of my Lowepro Camera bag which has been my professional camera bag work horse for the last 10 years.  Its still going strong.


The DJI Air2S has been my Real Estate Video & Photo primary drone for the last few years.

Compact Video & Photo Camera

This is my goto camera for video and photos when off on adventures and space is at a premium.  It also takes surprisinghly good photos.

Wide adapter for ZV-1

Wide adpater for the ZV-1 which gives it about an 18mm wide equivalent althou it does add size and weight to the camera!


Trusty old GoPro that has been bashed about on many an adventure, just deciding whether to update to a newer version or the DJI or Insta 360 Action cam?


This is the newer version of the original Moza Air gimbal I have and is still going strong with weekly use shooting real etsate videos.

Photo Tripod

The Manfrotto tripod I use for photography withe Benro geared head.

Photo Tripod Head

I use this primarily for shooting real estate & architecture interiors.  A great head that makes getting your verticals straight pretty quick.

Video Tripod

I don’t use this tripod that much unless I’m shooting a corporate style video or talking head.  I also use it for mounting a video slider on.