I always find making real estate videos of bare land the toughest to do.  This is usually because you don’t have a beautiful house as a centre of interest for your video. After all bare land is bare land!


Essentially I find you have to sell the features or benefits of buying this land for the potential purchaser.  For example location and views from the land and if possible other features of the area whether it be lifestyle or perhaps proximity to shops or highways for commuting.  I could just be price for example!


This particular video was for a developer who is selling large lots on a private gated sub-division and obviously (hopefully obviously or else I didn’t do my job very well!) its main selling points is the beautiful views to mountains and lake and its alpine setting.


I was commissioned to do approximately 9 short videos of the lots for sale which are then embedded on the developers website for the sub-division so as the potential buyers can click on a video link for each of the lots that are for sale.  This then gives the potential purchaser a feel for the views from each particular lot and the contours of the land.


Equipment used

All the aerial video was shot on my DJI Inspire 2 with the 12mm lens and Polarpro ND8 filter.

Ground shots were shot on my Panasonic GH5 on a tripod and and slider.


The Client is always right!

The finished video you see here was the 5th iteration of the edit.  The client was very particular with what they were after including choosing the music after rejecting my first two attempts, and adding dissolves as my first versions were cuts only.

Also you may have noticed a small grey dot that appears briefly to indicate the building platform which was also the clients choice after again rejecting my more obvious marker I used in the first version!  He wanted a very subtle marker that appears briefly.

In the end the client was very happy and I would have done it a little different if I had been left to my own devices but as the saying goes….”The client is alright right”