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Firstly please don’t confuse this blog post name with the quality of the house in the video which was beautiful.  You will see what I mean below.

The Client Brief

The client was actually the home owner who was referred to me by a Realty agent I have done a lot of work for.  The home owner also happens to be a Realty agent for the local Ray White agency. He was also listing with the Sothebys Realty firm, which is where the toilet issue appeared, more on that below.


The Gear used

Panasonic GH5 – Panasonic/Lecia 8-18mm lens, Panasonic 12-35mm lens

DJI Inspire 2 with Olympus 12mm lens

Syrp Camera slider and Moza Air gimbal

Total shoot time approximately one and three quarter hours, editing time about an hour and a half.  Total time on the job, emails, phone calls, site visit and invoicing I would say was 5 hours.


The Result

It makes your job a lot easier when you have a beautifully presented house in a beautiful location, it’s then just a matter of you capturing it as best as you can.  I liked the way the video came out but more importantly the client and his wife were very happy with the result.  The wife (who is an artist) actually rang me personally to thank me as she said the video was the first lot of imagery they have had done that actually captured the style and feel of the house which she had a hand in designing.  A great testimonial which I really should get written down for my website!


The Issue!

As I mentioned above the home owner also gave the video to the Sothebys Realty firm here for listing.  They have a quite a few rules regarding what you can not show in the video, one of these being toilets.  They then came back to me asking to remove the shots of the two bathrooms with the toilets which you get a glimpse of at 01:21 and 01:33 in the video.  I quoted them a small re-edit fee and removed them.

I have to admit to being mildly annoyed at this and losing the only good shot of the master ensuite bathroom.


What I’d do differently

I was aware of the Sothebys limitations but was shooting for Ray White so in hind sight I should have given myself some other shooting options with the bathrooms avoiding having the toilets in shot.

I wasn’t very happy with the Moire happening on the roof of the back of the house in the start and end wide drone shots.  Its one of those things you generally won’t see in your monitor when shooting and catches you out when editing.  From what I understand this often occurs when you down sample  footage.  I was shooting the drone in 2.7k and editing it on a 1080 timeline.  In my footage it was the fine vertical pattern that the roofing iron made that was causing the problem.

I could have spent some more time in editing and applied a un-sharpen effect to the image but like a lot of jobs was in a hurry to get the finished video out.  Its one of those things you need to be mindful of when shooting roofs with fine patterns on.

Overall thou I was happy with the end result and the client paid his invoice within 5 days.