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The above video was a recent job I did here for the Sothebys Realty group. I was generally pretty pleased with how the video came out but more importantly the client was happy.

Like just about all the jobs I do, I look back at it and think about the things I would have done differently! The brief was to show a modern architecturally built home and the view/location from the home.

It was all shot on my Canon 80D with a slider and edited in FCPX.

The property was situated in a fairly dense residential area surrounded by much older and generally pretty average dwellings so the agent (and probably rightly so) didn’t want drone footage. ¬†However I think I could have snuck in a few drone shots that would have helped with the exterior shots and perhaps the amazing views to the lake.

Also its mid-winter here and the property doesn’t get good sun so I was always fighting the very blue (cold) shadow areas and I had to try and warm up a few shots in post production. ¬†I did this mainly by subtracting a bit of blue in colour correcting.

The agent also didn’t like a couple of the detail shots and the shot of the media room which I removed for their final edit and it was a case of trying to bargain off shots I liked for a visually pleasing edit and trying to please the client.

For those of you interested the property is selling for approx NZ$5.5 million.