I’m pretty certain I have lost a few of my traditional Real Estate Video clients due to my lack of creativity in my real estate videos.

Actually, more accurately I believe I’ve lost these clients because my competition is producing more creative videos with all the latest whizz bang editing techniques such as speed ramps, shake transitions, sound effects and the latest new school rock n roll editing techniques.

This blog post has more questions than answers and I have often now found myself doubting the quality of my real estate video product! Perhaps I’m getting too old?

Here’s an example of my traditional real estate video offering,

So what are the lessons I’ve learn’t and what am I going to do about it?

The Lessons Learned?

  1. I was resting on my laurels with how I was shooting and editing my videos ( I guess in my defence if the client has been happy with the videos why would I need to change them!)
  2. I wasn’t keeping any eye on what my competition was up to.
  3. I should have perhaps made more of an effort to ask the client what they wanted in terms of the style of the videos.
  4. And lastly do I want to change what I am producing or just stick to my guns and keep doing the same thing?

What am I going to do about it?

  1. I think the most important lesson here is have a conversation with your clients and find out what they want in terms of the style, speed and duration of the videos?
  2. Althou I am not a big fan of speed ramps and shake transitions I’ve actually started to incorporate them into my videos for one of my clients. I’ve actually find it rewarding when watching and learning to introduce new styles into my edits.

Example of a few new tricks added to my edits,

And of course this then raised more questions such as….

Will my videos will start to look just like my competitions and then what will differentiate us? Price? Thats not a race I’m keen on taking part in.

So then I got to thinking what is my style of videos?

Is there actually any such thing as creativity?

I believe we just distill and take what we like from other creatives and our own personal experience and produce our own flavour.

And then just to complicate things more another client came to me recently who only likes videos with slower pacing, classical style music and definitely no speed ramps and here is the video I shot for them below

So as I alluded to earlier, I have more questions than answers but I guess one take away is that we should all keep on learning as we’re in the creative space and its good for us to keep evolving…….even thou some days it frustrates the heck out of me!

Love to hear your thoughts on the subject below.