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The obvious answer to the question of “How do I improve my Video Skills?” is just about always “Practise”

Thats a very generic and non-specific answer I know.

There is practise and there is practise and one of the single best methods I have found in recent years to improve my shooting and editing skills is by shooting vlog style videos of my family and friends.

I have found many benefits to this style of shooting and I discuss them in this Youtube video.


To summarise 2 of the main benefits of vlog style videos I talk about are;

  1. You will produce some great video memories of a snapshot in time which you will value in years to come.
  2. You have free license to try different cameras, lenses, moves, editing techniques and much more.  That is the way you improve your skills.

If I was to use one word to describe it, that word would be PLAY, how often have you heard yourself telling someone you are just having a play around with the new camera or if you are editing you are just playing around with some new effects or colour grading.

After all, who doesn’t like playing!

Here’s the link to my personal Youtube channel I talked about in the video,  you will see a lot of playing around on that channel.

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