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Firstly Happy New Years to those of you who have visited my blog before. We are in the middle of summer down here in New Zealand and its BBQ ‘s and swimming time of the year. Its also school holidays which doesn’t do my productivity any favours with 3 kids at home.

I recently did a job shooting some bare land for sale which I always find the most challenging to do when shooting real estate video. This is mostly because you don’t have a central point of interest ie. a house to focus the viewers attention on.

The Client Brief

The Realtors brief to me was “Basically its just a strip of mown bare land between two neighbouring properties”

So my next question as always was “What are we selling”?

Answer – The views, the vineyards in the valley, ie. the location of the land for sale.

The video was for the Sothebys group who don’t like any graphics except for the end graphic with the agents contact details.

The Gear used

It was shot on my DJI Inspire 2 with the 12mm lens and my Panasonic GH5 with 12-35 and 35-100 lenses. I also had a slider on my tripod.

The Challenge

When editing the video I found it tricky to try and balance the colour between the drone and the GH5 shots. I find the DJI Drones white balances are a little too warm and slightly green whereas the GH5 has good white balance but a slight blue cast.

What I’d do differently

Again as mentioned in previous blogs I’d would have liked to have motion tracked some property boundary lines into the video so as the viewer knew exactly what area of land they were looking at. However the video will be presented on the Realtors site along with stills photos and details so not essential.

The Realtor was also happy with the first cut of the video and it was job done.