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I’ve had a Vimeo account since 2011 and its an essential tool in my everyday Real Estate Video workflow. The following is the 5 ways I use Vimeo in order of importance.

1. Client Approval

My No.1 use for Vimeo is for delivering videos to clients for their approval or to see if they need any changes done to the video. I upload my video to Vimeo and then send them a password protected link so that only they can see video and its not for public consumption yet. I find the privacy tools better than using platforms such as Youtube and probably more importantly the viewers are not subjected to ads or other videos to distract them from the task at hand!!

2. Changes

Another feature I use a lot and like about Vimeo (which you cannot do in Youtube) is that it allows you to replace the video file on the same link. If the client comes back to me with a few changes, I make the alterations and then just upload to the same video link so that the client still only has to look a the same link and password.

3. Video Delivery

The next most useful feature is that once the client has approved the video I then turn on the “Allow Downloads” button so that they can then directly download the video without me having to take any extra steps to deliver the video file.

This feature also gives the client some extra download options for smaller video sizes which some seem to like for getting smaller video file sizes for their social media.

4. Embedding Videos

Depending on your paid Vimeo plan (I’m on the Pro plan), Vimeo has some great video embedding options with far more flexibility than platforms such as Youtube. You can customise the look of your video player, what controls the user sees and probably more importantly whether or not to show more videos (from you) or have a blank screen at the end of the video. You also wont be hounded by ads like on Youtube or other videos competing for your attention.

5. Vimeo Profile

I have my own website already but if you don’t you can use your Vimeo profile as a landing page to showcase your work. Only your public videos will be shown and it also allows you to put a bunch of other links and you can see my work Vimeo profile here.

So to conclude, Vimeo is one of those tools I use a lot and its pretty ingrained in my video workflow.