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We all make mistakes and hopefully learn, grow and get better from making them. I like most of you out there I’m sure have made my fair share of them!

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Here’s 4 of mine that spring to mind from shooting real estate video over the last year and the lessons I learn’t that may help you avoid them.


1.Forgetting Gear!


This was a good one, as polished as this finished video looks I actually forgot to pack my tripod and slider into the car. I left home in a hurry as I was running late and the job was about a 45 minute drive where I was meeting the client on site. Upon opening the boot of my car with the client standing next to me, my heart sunk when I discovered I had forgot to pack my tripod and slider.

Luckily I had packed my Gimbal as well as my drone and ended up shooting the whole interior video just with the Gimbal.

Lesson: Double check you have all of your camera gear packed, lenses, drone, batteries charged before you head out the door to your next job.


2. Don’t like the video, hate the music!


The video above was the second version and cut of the same property that the client eventually approved. I like most video producers was proud of the first cut but my Realty Agent client came back with the feedback of “Don’t like the video, hate the music”

To her credit thou she then went into more detail about what she needed the video to show and convey. She is very definite about what she wants and use to work in the television and video business so I actually like working for her as she will let you know exactly what she wants.

The property and grounds were quite large and took me a lot longer than normal to shoot and I completely missed shooting the self-contained sleep-out. Oops. I had to go back to the property to re-shoot the areas I missed, and I hate having to do that!

Lesson: Even thou I met the agent at the property I did not take long enough to determine what we were selling with the video and exactly what the client wanted to show. Spend the time doing this before you pick up a camera.


3. Know thy Gear


I’ve mentioned the problem I had with this video previously in the facebook group. This property was a very modern and minimalist styled house and I wanted to give it a modern feel and look so decided to shoot the whole video predominately on the Gimbal.

When using my Moza Air gimbal I just about always only use my wide 8-18mm lens on my Panasonic GH5 and balance the gimbal for the combination. I didn’t use the drone with this property so switched to the smaller and lighter 12-35mm lens for the exterior gimbal shots.

When I was operating the gimbal getting exterior shots I noticed the gimbal motors were making a strange noise. When I looked at the camera’s lcd monitor the picture still looked good and smooth so carried on.

When I got back to editing I soon discovered that about half of those exterior shots had a slight jitter in them making the house look like it was breathing! The problem was my Gimbal wasn’t balanced correctly for that camera and lens combo giving me micro jitters and I should have stopped and corrected the problem.

Luckily when I was shooting the exterior shots I did just enough variations of the shots and parts of them were usable enough to make the video above.

Lesson: Know thy gear, if you suspect something is not quite right then it probably isn’t. It will more often than not take you a lot less time and less headaches to stop and try and fix it there and then.


4. Swallow your Pride!


The above video is the second version of the same job but very similar to the first cut with the addition of a few extra shots. I was quite happy with version one of this video and my Realtor agent client was also happy with the video.


However the actual home owner wanted a few extra shots of the LED lights in the wall, a projector screen coming down and more shots of the recessed doors opening. What irked me more was that the home owner was with me the whole time I was shooting and never mentioned such things as shots of the projector coming out of the ceiling and so on at the first visit.

I had to swallow my pride and go back and re-shoot the extra bits to add to the video even thou myself and my actual client was happy with my first version. And it was worth doing at the end of the day to keep the client happy.

Lesson: Even thou I had asked the Realtor client what he wanted to show and sell with the video I should have made more of an effort to talk with the actual home owner about what he wanted to see in the video. Especially as he was there the whole time.


So those are a few of the mistakes I have made and I’m sure there will be more to come. If you have made any good mistakes and learn’t some valuable lessons please do leave a comment below so we can all learn.

Happy Shooting.