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My latest video is on my goto number one drone accessory.

Here is the rough script from the video.
The number one drone accessory I always use with my drone is filters – and here’s why

I have been shooting with drones now personally and professionally for over 3 years now, that makes me an old man in the drone world!
Whenever I’m packing my drone for a job or buying a new one the no.1, no excuse accessory I will always get for the drone is filters for the drone camera.

The No 1 reason I use them in video is to reduce shutter speed back to proper settings e.g. 25fps 50sec, 30fps 60th shutter This makes it look more natural and blends easier with other camera’s. High shutter speeds can get jerky or have a unnatural lack of motion blur.

My goto filter is the Polarpro ND8 filter for sunny day shooting – I have them for my drone and my Osmo and all for the same reason.

My goto for shooting drone stills is just the circular polarizer filter, CP’s can give you richer blues’ and greens, especially in the sky. They can also reduce glare or reflection on glass or water. When shooting stills I don’t mind high shutter speeds, you just don’t want low shutter speeds which could cause blur in your stills shots.

One word of warning when using CP’s is to watch for the unnatural darkening of the sky or deeper blues from one side of your shot to the other. This is a result of the angle of sun to the angle of your camera. I recently had a job whereby the client wanted some 180 and 360 degree panorama shots put together where I took a series of shots with my drone and stitched them together in adobe lightroom. I would advise removing the CP for this as it can cause headaches when stitching as you can get unnatural amounts of polarised blues in your sky which can be difficult to blend or stitch.

Last but not least is the clear filter, I use this when shooting on low light or overcast days when I don’t need a ND filter to reduce my exposure to good levels of shutter. A polariser will also have little or no effect on these types of days but its also acting as a lens protector to stop my camera lens getting nailed by dirt or grit when taking off or landing.

Thats it from me until next time.