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dji mavic for shooting real estateMeet the newest member of the camera department, the DJI Mavic pro.

Now I have to be honest here and say that I didn’t buy this for shooting real estate video and stills (I still have my DJI Inspire 1 Pro for that) but mainly as a compact drone which I can throw in my bag or backpack for shooting holidays and adventures.

However with that being said I am of course keen to see how well it can perform for shooting real estate as I know a lot of people out there use it for just that.

I’ve only had it for a week now so are still trying to get the settings dialed in to something I’m happy with.  At the moment the setting that is proving to be the hardest to dial in is the sharpness setting for shooting video.  From my tests so far I’ve got it down to 0 and +1 as my preferred settings but will keep you informed and get a video up to my Youtube channel soon.