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For those of you who are graphically challenged like myself, good title plugins can make our lives a lot easier.  Here’s my thoughts on the mTitle plugin for FCPX from motionvfx.

Link to the plugin:


Footnote: One of the good folks from support at motionvfx reached out to me about my comment in my review about not being able to change the speed of the animations in the the titles.  They kindly suggested some work arounds which I have copied and pasted below:

Just one note though, about the speed of animation control – this is an in-depth modification which should normally be done in Motion 5. We’ve specifically set the titles up so that the in and out animations always stay the same, regardless of how long or short the title is on the timeline. You can easily go around this with the following solutions: 1) Motion 5: delete the Build In and Build Out markers in Motion 5  – after that, save the project and from now on, changing the duration of the title on the timeline in FCPX will change speed of the entire mTitle, 2) Use the Speed Blade tool in FCPX: first, place the mTitle in a Compound Clip (right-click it and press Alt+G). Next, move the timeline’s playhead to the frame where the mTitle’s animation ends and press Shift+B (Speed Blade hotkey) – this will create a “speed cut” point which separates two parts of the video which can be set to be played back at different speeds.

Now thats good support!