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I recently did a job for a local realty firm shooting a bare land section for sale on a beautiful late autumn day.  Towards the end of the shoot the owner turned up and asked me if I could come and shoot his house for a video he wanted to make for his 91 year old mother who couldn’t travel to see his house in New Zealand.

He wanted a mixture of shots showcasing his house for when he eventually wants to sell it but also shots of his artwork and photos of his family and the environment he lives in and to show a bit of a glimpse into his personal life.

I did the drone work on a sunny afternoon and then came back two days later with my trusty Canon 80D and slider and did the interior shoot.

I produced a four and a half minute video for him to a song that he choose as it was a private video that only he and his immediate family would ever see.  I can’t show you that video for obvious privacy reasons.

However, below is my much shorter version of how I would have edited it if I had been given complete freedom to do so and is a mixture of my favourite shots from the shoot.



This style of edit I’m sure would not suit most vendors or Realtors who employ me to shoot Real Estate Video.  The old adage the client is always right holds a lot of truth.  I also know for sure the client wouldn’t have liked this style, his 91 year old Mum probably wouldn’t have either!

However I believe its good to give your own personal creativity and style a good stretch every now and then and the person I’m trying to please the most in this cut is me!

I’m also going to show it to a couple of other Realtors here in my local area who I think with the right property and vendor would be open to this style of shoot.

So even thou its how I would have liked to edit this video, I didn’t for the client.  He was really happy with his edit and at the end of the day I had fun editing my version and learn’t a few tricks along the way.


Happy Shooting.