Drone SelfiesI can’t complain that I don’t get variety in my work.  I had a last minute request this week from a Sydney Advertising agency to shoot some behind the scenes footage for a drone selfie campaign they running to promote skiing through social media to the Australian tourist.

The idea is to take photos of tourists in beautiful scenic locations on New Zealand ski fields using a DJI Phantom and give them the picture/video to show off through their own personal social media channels.  See my quick Youtube clip below (and yes I know that technically its not a selfie if someone else is operating the drone).  Search Instagram for the hashtag #NZskyselfie


I’ve been watching with interest the growth of the use of drones/UAV’s for filming and it wasn’t until a recent job in Fiji where we had a full time drone operator on location with us that I’ve really thought to myself yup that has a lot of potential for shooting decent video as opposed to being a bit of a gimmick for radio controlled model enthusiasts.  I’m slow to catch on I know!

Sooo…I want one and I’ve decided to get stuck into learning to fly and see if I have the potential to get it to a level whereby I can use it as another tool for shooting video.  So stay tuned as I will putting up Episode 1 of my “Drone Diaries” detailing my thoughts and the learning process I’ve decided to undertake on this blog and Youtube very soon.