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Even thou I’m a video guy I just about always end up doing drone still pictures on Real Estate jobs.  In fact I have one realtor client who just about uses me predominately for drone stills.  I don’t mind and its forcing me to up my drone stills taking and post-processing skills.

This job was essentially a bunch of drone stills for a developer whereby I had to take view shots from a site ear-marked for development.  I had to get shots from different heights of the views so as they could render in the views for the  Architects plans for the proposed site.

This was shot with my Inspire 1 with the Zenmuse X5 camera on the 12mm lens.  The client wasn’t after stitched photos but I did them anyway for him as a bonus.  I used Adobe Lightroom CC to post process the pictures and stitch them them together.  The photo stitching or panorama feature works really well.