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DJI-firmware upgrade v3.06In short yes…. You can read what this firmware addresses at DJI’s website.

The one big fix I’ve been waiting for is the magnetic declination error or the “toilet bowl” effect whereby the Phantom circles a point or hooks to one side instead of holding a true position using its GPS.  The problem goes away after about 8mins flying but then it doesn’t remember its fix when you insert a new battery.  You can read a full description of the problem over at the Phantom Pilots forum here.

I live in Queenstown New Zealand and we have a magnetic declination of approximately 24 degrees.  What this means is that I have to be on my toes for the first 8mins of every flight as my Phantom 2 doesn’t hold a stationary point.

So I have eagerly upgraded my Phantom and yes it seems to have fixed the problem…Hooray.

A word of warning thou, read the upgrade instructions and new fixes carefully as this new firmware has introduced a new feature whereby the Phantom will automatically “Auto Go Home” when its battery reaches low or critical levels.  Its a personal preference but I have turned mine off in the Phantom Assistant Software as I sometimes fly under the canopy of trees etc and don’t want my Phantom automatically rising up to Auto return home and crashing into an obstacle.  When it does things independent to my control it makes me nervous! Thats just my preference.

p.s. Also good practice to obviously go for a test flight in a large safe area every time you upgrade your firmware.