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Kicking myself this morning for not having my iPhone (or any camera for that matter) with me when I dropped my kids at school.  Its Autumn here and we’re fortunate to get great Autumn colours and leaves falling from the trees.  When I dropped my kids at school there was a school caretaker with a leaf blower blowing all the leaves off the footpaths.  A couple of kids started standing directly in front of the guy as he blew the leaves at them.  The kids thought this was a great game and the guy seemed to enjoy it as well.  By the time I left there would have been about twenty 5-8 year old kids following him around in a pack as he blew the leaves off the paths and onto them.

It would have made a great little video clip.

Lesson: You never know when a great moment will present itself in front of you SO don’t leave home without your camera!