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Shooting Real Estate videos has been a big part of what I do for the past couple of years and is a great way to make money and hone your video skills.  If you are interested in learning more on my upcoming How to Shoot Real Estate Videos course, scroll down and enter your email and I will let you know when the course is ready.

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A few more tips on Shooting Real Estate Videos

  • Use the Estate Agent or Owner to make sure the property is staged beautifully.  They can also act as a second pair of eyes to look over the property as you will be busy concentrating on shooting!
  • Make sure your batterys all charged the night before, do you have a spare SD card?  Do you have flight permissions if using a drone?
  • Maximise the sun angles for shooting, usually morning or late afternoon best and try and avoid midday sun.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time for the shoot, I usually can do the drone and interior in 3-4 hours.