Its a new year and my first post for 2015 so I thought I would share my goals for the website for the coming year.  And secondly show the 3 easy steps for you to photograph your family which makes it look like you’re stuck to a large green hedge.

Firstly my goals and plans for this website for the year;

  • Increase my Youtube and website post frequency to at least 1 a fortnight
  • Get my instructional course on learning to shoot video with the Canon 70D up for sale by mid February (busy on that at the moment)
  • Share more tips and techniques for shooting video gleaned from the last 18 years experience
  • Share and document my Aerial Drone video experience which is an area of video I’m currently enjoying
  • Start posting and reviewing my ideal camera solutions for your adventures such as best camera solution for making a video of your mountain biking trip or family holiday and see if that is of interest to my viewers/readers?

And now as promised how to photograph your family so they look like they are stuck to a giant green hedge!

Drone SelfieStep 1. Find a large grassy field and get your family to lie down in a row

Step 2. Take a drone helicopter with a GoPro in time-lapse mode and fly it (safely) overhead of your family

Step 3. Quickly put down the transmitter controls and get in the picture and tell your kids to lie still while hoping that the drone doesn’t decide to head off and photograph something else.