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Shooting Video with the Canon G7X

Learn to Shoot Better Video with your Canon G7X with step by step instructions on how to setup and maximise the Canon G7X’s fantastic video shooting capabilities.

The Course covers:

  • What physical buttons you will use most
  • Minimum SD card requirements for shooting video
  • Which menu settings are essential for capturing the best video
  • Take full control in manual mode and when best to use it
  • How to lock focus and exposure in auto modes
  • Picture Styles and modifying to your taste
  • Overcoming the number 1 audio issue

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Thanks, this helped a lot. We love your short simple way of explaining things. Fiona. M

Benefit from my 20 years of professional video shooting experience…and mistakes!

The Canon G7X can be picked up by virtually anyone and is capable of shooting great video in full auto. But to get the most out of it you need to know when to override the auto controls. It may be something as simple as locking focus or taking full manual control of the cameras shutter, iris, focus and ISO.

My aim for all my courses is to pass on my experience to help you shorten the learning curve so that you have the confidence to concentrate on capturing what is in front of your lens rather than worrying about the setup and workings of your camera.

Course Content & Overview

The course is aimed at anyone who owns or has access to a Canon G7X or perhaps more experienced users wanting to hone their manual shooting skills. It details the menu set-ups you need, focusing, picture styles, audio and much more with some common real life examples.

One of the most popular video uses of this camera is as a personal Vlogging camera or adventure style camera and it is with these users that this course has been designed for.

Its a 10 chapter video course and contains over 45 minutes of video material with my recommendations for any accessories. If you are anything like me with my limited attention span and time, my aim is to always try and keep these courses under 1 hour as I struggle to complete anything longer!

What you will learn starts with the camera hardware and menu settings, I then move into shooting basics including auto and full manual controls, exposure, focus, audio and then some real world examples of putting it all into practice.

My style is short and sharp and I only discuss the areas of the camera essential to shooting video.

What this course isn’t? This course deals solely with shooting video with the Canon G7X and it does not go into shooting still pictures or post-production and video editing.My aim is to give you the essential information only for shooting video so that you can hit the ground running and get out there and start producing some great looking videos, Vlogs, family movies, youtube clips or perhaps your first short film.


1. What do I get with my purchase?

Once purchased you get immediate access to the course page where you can stream the videos or download the course videos. You will get 11 lectures and over 45 minutes of content.

2. How is the course delivered?

The course is hosted on the platform and all payment is handled through their secure servers.

3. How can I pay?

Payment can be made with VISA or Paypal and is made using the secure payment processing.

4. Can I get a refund if I’m unhappy?

I sure hope you won’t be unhappy but if for some reason the course isn’t for you then you can contact me via the Teachable learning platform and can get a full refund in the first 30 days.

5. Can I share the files or my access with others?

No and please don’t, its taken a lot of work to get this course up and all sales go into boosting my confidence to develop more courses.  The course page is also restricted to registered users only who purchase the course.

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