Learn to Shoot Video with the Canon 70D

[highlight]Master the menu settings and manual controls to shoot great video with your Canon 70D camera.[/highlight]

Learn how to shoot great looking video with your Canon 70D by mastering which controls to use and making sense of the often confusing menu settings.

Gain the confidence and know-how to get out there and shoot better video with your Canon 70D.

  • What are the optimal menu settings for shooting video
  • When to shoot in Auto and when to shoot in Manual modes
  • How to Shoot Video in manual mode
  • How to focus properly
  • What SD cards can I use?
  • Pictures Styles and how to modify them
  • Some real world examples

Benefit from my 20 years of professional experience…and mistakes!

Shooting video with DSLR cameras such as the Canon 70D can be quite confusing at first. In my role as a professional freelance video cameraman I get to shoot with a large variety and style of cameras. When I first picked up a Canon DSLR to shoot video I have to admit to being a bit baffled as to even how to switch it into video mode or even focus the camera correctly!

Courses such as this help you short cut the often quite steep learning curve. For instance did you know you just can’t use any old SD card to shoot video? You get the benefits of my experience (and mistakes made) so you can concentrate on capturing whats happening in front of the camera.

Preview from actual course, Chapter 5: Setting Exposure from the actual course

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Who is this course for?
This course is aimed at people new to shooting video with their Canon 70D or perhaps more experienced users wanting to hone their skills. The course has also been popular with stills photographers wanting to learn more about the video functions of the camera.

Its a 10 chapter video course and contains 1 hour and 8 minutes of material (I was hoping to keep it under 1 hour so I could say “Learn in under 1 hour”, but its close). I’m not a fan of some online courses promising 4 or more hours of material because if you’re like me you will never get through the whole lot.

What you will learn starts with the camera hardware and menu settings, I then move into using the auto and full manual controls, exposure, focus, audio and then some real world examples of putting it all into practice.

My style is short and sharp and I only discuss the areas of the camera essential to shooting video.

What this course isn’t? This course deals solely with shooting video with the Canon 70D, it does not go into shooting still pictures or post-production and video editing.

My aim is to give you the essential information only for shooting video so that you can hit the ground running and get out there and start producing some great looking videos, family movies, youtube clips or perhaps your first short film.

What are the requirements?

Students should own or have access to a Canon 70D DSLR camera.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn to Master the physical controls and buttons essential for shooting video
  • How to setup the menus to optimise for video capture
  • Make sense of the many Picture Profiles available in the menu
  • Tips and techniques for best capturing sharp focus and accurate exposure
  • Learn how to record manual audio for best results
  • [highlight]My overall aim for you on completing this course is to give you the confidence to concerntrate on capturing great video instead of having to worry about the camera setup and menus.[/highlight]
  • Over 10 lectures and 1 hour of content and 1 page PDF summaries for each chapter

What is the target audience?

  • This course is aimed at Canon 70D DSLR camera owners who are new to shooting video with their camera or those who wish to master the manual controls for shooting video.
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Course Table of Contents

Of all the money I have spent over the years on training, I have to say that “Shooting Video with the Canon 70D” is some of the best money I have ever spent! Grant’s solid straight forward and informal style of teaching was EXACTLY what I wanted and needed. Additionally, he has answered several questions for me via email and has been very quick with his replies. That alone has been worth the $34.95! Don’t hesitate… buy it! Larry R. USA

Chapter 1 -Introduction

The aim of this course
Who course is aimed at

Chapter 2 – The Hardware

SD Card requirements
The Lens
The Camera Controls used

Chapter 3 – Full Auto

Hardware setup
Menu settings

Chapter 4 – Shoot in Manual Mode

Menu settings
Video System
Movie rec. size
White Balance
Picture Style
Downloading Cinestyle Profile
Auto-Focus method
Sound Recording
Shutter Speed
Recording Time Limit

Chapter 5 – Setting Exposure

Shutter Speed
Aperture and depth of field
Using LCD monitor to judge exposure
How to set exposure on bright days

Chapter 6 – Focus

Semi-Auto method
Full Manual method
Lens and the Crop Factor
Lens and f-stops

Chapter 7 – Audio (Look with your ears)

Golden Rule
Plugging in an external mic
Setting manual audio
Audio meters
Attentuator settings
4 options for getting audio into camera
4 top tips for good audio

Chapter 8 – Lenses

4 things to consider when choosing lenses
My lens recommendations

Chapter 9 – Putting it all together

Putting it into practice with some common real world examples
Shooting Scenics
Shooting yourself for Youtube
Shooting at Night

Chapter 10 – Conclusion

Thanks and get out there and shoot something!
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Cheers and thank you again for producing such a great course! Keep up the awesome work! You rock out loud! L. Knowlton

1. What do I get with my purchase?

Once purchased you get immediate access to the course page where you can stream the videos or download the course videos. You will get 10 lectures and over 1 hour of content.

2. How is the course delivered?

The course is hosted on the Teachable.com platform and all payment is handled through their secure servers.

3. How can I pay?

Payment can be made with VISA or Paypal and is made using the Teachable.com secure payment processing.

4. Can I get a refund if I’m unhappy?

I sure hope you won’t be unhappy but if for some reason the course isn’t for you then you can contact me via the Teachable learning platform and can get a full refund in the first 30 days.

5. Can I share the files or my access with others?

No and please don’t, its taken a lot of work to get this course up and all sales go into boosting my confidence to develop more courses.  The course page is also restricted to registered users only who purchase the course.


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