How to Shoot Real Estate Videos Course

Are you looking for step by step instructions on how to Shoot Great looking Real Estate Videos?

If you are new to shooting Real Estate videos or perhaps a seasoned shooter looking for some more tips and ideas then read on.

I have designed this video course giving step by step instructions drawing on my 20+ years of shooting professional video for TV, Realtor firms and corporate clients.

By the end of this course you will have learn’t;

  • How to Shoot Professional Looking Real Estate Videos (see example below)

  • How to get the job and what price to charge

  • What video production equipment I use

  • Whether to offer Drone filming

  • How to setup your gear

  • Follow me on a real world actual Real Estate Shoot

  • …. and more

The Style of video I will be showing you how to produce

What the Course Is? The course is the exact steps I take when going out to shoot a Real Estate video for Realtor firms wishing to showcase their properties to sell.  What the course isn’t? I will be dealing with getting the job and the actual physical steps of shooting the video. I will only briefly overview the post production process and this is not a post production editing course.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: An overview of the production process
Chapter 2: Getting the job
Chapter 3: Setting your price
Chapter 4: Site Visit and and the most important thing?
Chapter 5: The Equipment
Chapter 6: To Drone or not to Drone?
Chapter 7: Setting up your Camera Gear
Chapter 8: Setting up your Drone
Chapter 9: Only Shoot Bluebirds
Chapter 10: Its Shoot Day
Chapter 11: Real World Shoot – Part 1
Chapter 12: Real World Shoot – Part 2
Chapter 13: Post Production overview & the finished vidoe
Chapter 14: 5 Drone moves for Shooting Real Estate
Chapter 15: Wrap up

Watch Chapter 5 from the actual course below

To find out more and watch some more content from the actual course you can follow the link below to the course information page.

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