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One of the most time consuming things I have found with setting up the Sony a6300 to shoot video is deciding which of the many Picture Profiles to use.  There is a bewildering selection of 9 different options with the last 3 being slog2 and slog3 options which I’m not that keen on.

Sony a6300 and GoPro Hero 5

I made this short video scrolling through the first 7 options so you can see the difference between them, some of them pretty hard to see any difference at all!

I settled on PP3 which is a natural or REC709 style of look and then if I am after a more stylised look I can do this in post production.  A few others out there on the internet stylise this further by changing the settings within PP3 to the “Cinema” setting which I found can give you deeper blacks and slightly more contrast to your pictures.

PP3 is also what I also used on the Sony A7S mkii which you can see in this later video

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