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Master Shooting Video with your DJI Drone

A step by step video course for to get you on the way to shooting amazing video with your DJI Drone.


Whether its shooting Real Estate Video, Promotional videos or perhaps your next holiday trip to Iceland, this course will help you master the physical setup and menu functions to help shortcut the often steep learning curve.


Draw on my 20 + years as a professional video cameraman and 4 years and counting drone operating experience (thats a long time in the drone world!).


The Course will cover:

  • Which DJI Drone is right for you?
  • Safety and legal issues
  • Setting up your drone to fly
  • Understanding the DJI Go app
  • Setting up the app menus to maximise video
  • Flying practise
  • Setting up the camera menus
  • Full Auto vs Manual
  • Shooting video vs shooting stills
  • Basic shots for video
  • Getting fancy with your shooting
  • Shooting Real Estate
  • Shooting Sports
  • Shooting Real Estate Stills
  • Recommended Accessories
  • ….and more