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I seem to be developing a bit of a theme at the moment with these blog posts on video shooters out there and the many different levels of background, experience and reasons for using video.


I enjoy doing these and find what others are doing and why they are doing it really interesting.


For example Jason with a background as a touring musician and studio engineer who now uses video to boost sales with his main business as a Mortgage lender.


Here’s the full interview with Jason Coleman.  Big thank you to Jason for sharing an insight into what he does.


Where are you based and what is your background?

I am based out of Peoria, Arizona. In my early days my career was a touring musician and recording studio engineer. I have recorded over 250 bands and over 1000 songs. In 2004 I started in the Mortgage lending business thinking my 3 children needed more income and a father who was around more.


How long have you been shooting Real Estate Video?

This month marks one year shooting Real Estate. I had been recording my son doing drum covers on Youtube for 6 years until he left for college and found I had really liked doing the videos.


I know from talking with you that your real estate videos are actually a tool for your other business, can you explain how that works?

In 2017 I found my my lending business was pretty much dead. I looked at social media and my skill sets and decided I could change by helping agents out. I charge less than normal I suppose (although I really don’t know because in this market there is not a lot of Real Estate videos beyond the million dollar listings.) I co-brand with the agents and that has helped get my name out as a lender. I strive to put the best possible product out I can to really stand out from anyone else. This has helped me gain a following on Facebook and keep me in front of my warm circle of family and friends.


Has it been effective for you?

It has not produced the numbers I would have hoped for but nothing ever happens on the time lines we set for ourselves. Today my branch manager approached me and asked if I would be interested in a new position as our branch video marketing guy.
The branch manager has been watching my growth with Realtors online. My Real Estate community has started to dub me as one of the better videographers with creativity and quality.

I am very grateful for the youtube videos Grant has put up and Facebook forums I learn from every day. Last year my income was basically none existent. This year I am up 1300% and actually am on pace to have one of my best mortgage lending incomes to date. However I set my goals pretty high and am not even close to hitting them. My goal was to hit 200k USD and I’m only about half there this year.


Do you offer stills as well as video services?

I do NOT offer stills. To many people and companies offer that and I am a mortgage lender. So I do not have time to do both.

What is your current camera kit setup?

Canon 80D, Tokina 11-16mm & 50mm Sigma,  Phantom 3 standard,  Ronin M, Segway NineBot,  Kamerar slider, tripod fluid heads, wireless mics, camera mounted mic.


What is your favourite bit of kit?

I love the Sigma 50mm 1.4 Lens. It gives me amazing shots for the $100 I paid for it used.


Any advice for those getting started in Real Estate Video?

Do as many free home tours as you can and invest the 100’s of hours it takes to become proficient.


Where can people see your work?

My Youtube channel!