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Here’s my notes (script) from the video.

I’ve just spent 7 days operating a DJI Inspire 2 and also had my Osmo kit for covering a mountain bike race through high country NZ.
Here’s a montage of my favourite shots and after I’ll give you a few brief thoughts on the experience using Inspire 2 with X5S camera and a few shots using my DJI
I had loads of footage and that video montage was pretty much straight out of camera with a bit of the blacks pulled back and a little saturation added.
  • I own the Inspire 1 with the X5 camera and found the Inspire 2 virtually the same to fly and operate
  • Biggest single difference was battery life on the Inpsire 2 getting approx (I never actually accurately measured it cause operating) but looking at actual recorded footage times I was shooting between 12-17 minutes and landing at 20-25% battery remaining.  Thats a lot better than my Inspire 1 with the X5 which is more like 8-12 minutes now.
  • The X5S gimbal is definitely a little more robust than my X5 gimbal and I found you didn’t have to balance the different lenses like the 12 and 25mm olympus lenses I was using which you do on my X5.
  • Running camera in 4k mode (editor didn’t like for workflow) and using h264 recording to micro sd
  • Footage from X5s is better than the X5 camera definitely.
  • I found the DJI GO app4 a little buggy and often had problems with it connecting to the Inspire, had to restart controller often, it also would forget my custom picture profile settings often, I’m sure this will get fixed in firmware updates.
  • Also liked self warming battery’s as have been caught out a few times with my Inspire 1 not starting cause battery’s too cold
Overall I really liked the Inspire 2 and its definitely a fantastic platform and a leg up on my Inspire 1 however its also big price jump up as well.