I was recently asked about whether it was worth upgrading from the Canon 70D to the Canon 5Dmkiii which got me thinking as to what I’m looking for in my next camera that I will buy.

***Spoiler Alert*** If you don’t wish to read my thoughts or criteria in what I will be looking for in my next camera purchase the answer is…There is no Perfect Camera for Shooting Video!

I’ve been in the fortunate position to have been able to trial the likes of the Sony A7Smkii, the new Panasonic GH5 and recently did a 5 day shoot on a brand new Canon C300 mkii (picture was of the packaging I had to remove on a brand new C300 mkii in the foyer of a hotel whilst crew was waiting for me so we could head out of the door to a shoot…no pressure!)


Here’s a list things I now look at in my next potential camera purchase and are roughly in this order of priority;


  • What am I going to be predominately shooting with the camera? For example is it real estate videos, sports and events or freelancing for television?  I shoot a lot for a production company out of Auckland here in New Zealand and offered to use the new Sony A7Smkii for some pick up shots for a Architecture style TV show that I had to go back and get.  They didn’t want me to use that camera, their minimum was the Sony FS7!


  • Ease of real world use – is it easy to operate out in the real world, flip out LCD monitors, battery life, zebras for exposure etc?


  • Price – Will I gain siginifcant advantages for the price jump to a new system, will my clients notice any difference or can I give them added value that can potentially give me revenue increases when shooting commercially?


  • Lens selection – Can I use my existing lens (I have Canon glass) and the price of wide angle lens for real estate interiors?  Do I have to buy a whole new lens system or lens adapter such as the Metabones?


  • Does it record High frame rates (ie up to 100fps) I don’t use it much in real estate videos but love super slo-mo in other styles of video shooting.


  • Size & weight – I prefer the smaller size and weight of the mirrorless cameras as want to be able to fly them on a handheld gimbal such as the Zhiyun crane which I’m trying to incorporate more into my real estate offerings.


  • 4K video recording – not a deal breaker but eventually a client will ask for a 4K job even thou I’m still predominately delivering in 1080p and is a future proofing consideration.


That is my current thinking and I guess if you were to boil all that down into one statement,  it would be Features vs Price …. and as we all know, prices and camera features seem to change on a weekly basis!

The search for the elusive perfect camera for all my needs goes on and I strongly suspect that there will never be the one perfect camera for all my video shooting needs.

Thats my 10 cents worth, leave a comment on what factors would influence your next camera choice?