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DJI Osmo – Tool or Toy?

Its taken me awhile to get to grips with the DJI Osmo and here's my thoughts on whether it has a home in my video shooting tool kit.

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Setting up your DJI Drone to Shoot Real Estate Stills

Here is how I setup my DJI Drone for taking Real Estate stills pictures.  I never use to offer drone stills when shooting Real Estate videos but now do and they have definitely helped with my business.

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Easy Motion Tracking Graphics for Real Estate Videos

This is a great plugin I have been using lately for helping with shooting bare land Real Estate marketing videos. Here's the link to the plugin (unfortunately its only for FCPX)

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Sony a6300 – Wet Bungy Jumping

A short video testing out the Sony a6300 shooting Bungy Jumping.  I had plans for shooting this on a nice day but sometimes you've just got to put a rain jacket on, a shower cap on the camera and go for it.  I really like how the video came out in the rain!...

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Sony a6300 – Picture Profiles for Shooting Video

One of the most time consuming things I have found with setting up the Sony a6300 to shoot video is deciding which of the many Picture Profiles to use.  There is a bewildering selection of 9 different options with the last 3 being slog2 and slog3 options which I'm not...

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