With over 20 years of shooting and producing professional video you can learn from my experience (and mistakes) to help accelerate your learning curve.

Shooting Real Estate Video Course

Step by Step guide to Shooting Real Estate Videos that work

Shoot Better Video with your Canon 80D

Master the menus and controls to Shoot Better Video with your Canon 80D

10 Tips for Shooting Better Video

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Hi Grant, thanks for an awesome informative and to the point course. I got quite a few pearls of wisdom out of a nicely put together course such as the workflow, how much to charge and drone flight patterns to name a few. I’m sure these will help me with my own productions.

Dean Grobler

Well done. Well taught and explained. Very easy to follow and understand. I enjoyed your techniques and learned a lot. Thanks Grant!

Bruce Lucas

I had a short interview to shoot yesterday outdoors in a busy town area using my new 80D. I wasn’t confidently familiar with it yet, but watching your course gave me all I needed to get things set up and working well, and all that in just over an hour. I just need to get familiar with how lit my shot is compared to how it appears in the display, as you mentioned. I loved how easy you were to follow and how quick it was to learn – no hours of video watching and minutes of filming, but minutes of watching and more time to try it all out. Thanks Grant. 🙂


Grant, I teach people how to create online courses and what you’ve done is outstanding!

Jen Lehner

All my courses are hosted on the platform which I use for a better student and learning experience.

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